What is Kybella?

Do you want to remove the excess fats below your chin without the need to undergo a major operation? Kybella is the best treatment for you!

Kybella is made from a human-produced molecule known as deoxycholic acid. Kybella is mainly used to destroy the excess fats of the face, especially in the area below the chin. As a med spa treatment, Kybella is administered via injection.

A lot of people prefer Kybella treatment in eliminating excess fats since it is not invasive. Also, Kybella’s effects set in no time. After getting a Kybella shot, the deoxycholic acid will immediately destroy the unwanted fats. Once the deoxycholic acid destroys a fat molecule, there’s no way for it to recure. This means a lot of savings to your end since you don’t need to get another med spa treatment to keep your skin firm.

The number of injections that you will receive in one Kybella session depends on the magnitude of the submental fat deposits below your chin. Also, the doctor will consider your purpose of availing this kind of skin firming procedure. If your target is to join beauty pageants or to become a celebrity, you will definitely undergo several Kybella sessions.

After you receive the initial injection, your doctor will immediately assess the appropriate number of Kybella sessions that you must undergo.

Are you interested in getting a Kybella injection in Dallas? Here is the budget that you need to prepare.

How Much Does Kybella Cost in Dallas

The cost of a single Kybella vial may vary depending on where you get this treatment. But on average, each Kybella vial costs $600 in Dallas, Tx.

Benefits of Kybella

Kybella is an advanced skin-firming treatment that has several benefits. The following are only some of the advantages that you will get once you opt to have a Kybella med spa treatment in Dallas.

  • Less Invasive.

Kybella is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates unwanted fats, particularly submental fat deposits in the chin and neck areas. This means that you will not get any skin lesions or abrasions in this med spa treatment. With this advanced treatment, you don’t anymore need to take major operations to get a firm and younger-looking skin.

  • No Recovery Time.

Unlike other med spa treatments that require weeks of recovery time, Kybella does not. There is no recovery time needed if you avail of this kind of med spa treatment. After you get the injection, you can immediately go back to your routine. In some instances, you may notice redness or a bit of swelling on the site of the injection, but these are just temporary adverse effects of Kybella.

  • Lasting Effects.

Expect to get firmer chin for decades once you undergo a Kybella treatment. This is because Kybella targets submental fats on the molecular level. And since the deoxycholic acid [main ingredient of Kybella] acts directly on the fat molecules, there’s no way that submental fats will regenerate.

  • Quick Session.

An effective med spa treatment that requires very minimal time- this is what the Kybella is all about. Each Kybella session will only last for about 20 minutes. The faster the operation is done, the great savings that you will get. This because you don’t anymore need to shoulder the confinement fee.

  • Revitalizes the Looks.

The Kybella is not all about firming the skin under your chin. Other than this, Kybella is also very effective in reviving the youthful looks of your skin. So, if you want a dual-hit combo to keep your skin healthy, the Kybella treatment is perfect for you!

  • Cost-effective.

Compared to the other mainstream med spa procedures, the Kybella treatment is more affordable. Also, you don’t need to spend much since, in most cases, a single Kybella injection is enough to fix the sagging skin under the chin.

These are only some of the reasons why Kybella is a better treatment to get healthier and firmer skin. Try this treatment now and experience healthy and younger-looking skin without spending too much.

Best Med Spa to do Kybella in Dallas, Tx

If you want to avail of a Kybella treatment in Dallas, go directly to Love Your Face Dallas Spa. We at the Love Your Face Dallas Spa assure you that you’ll get a premium and the best Kybella treatment from us.

Here are some of the reasons why the Love Your Face Dallas Spa is the best med spa to undergo a Kybella treatment in Dallas, Tx.

  • In the field of aesthetics, the Love Your Face Dallas Spa is a trusted name for several years. The people running this spa are, indeed, professional. In fact, aside from Kybella, other top-notch services are also available in Love Your Face Dallas Spa. Contact our customer support service now, and we will help you determine the appropriate med spa treatment for your skin.
  • Cutting-edge.

From Kybella, botox, filler, versa, down to derma pens, get all these treatments using the most advanced technology only at the Love Your Face Dallas Spa. We keep updating our services to serve our clients to the tee.

  • Affordable and Complete.

We at the Love Your Face Dallas Spa always make sure that our rates are reasonable. We don’t want to ask too much from our clients since we genuinely value them. Our pool of professional aestheticians will also not ask for any surcharge even if you solicit for more advice on how to keep your skin younger-looking.

  • Excellent Customer Service.

Our customers are our utmost priority; that’s why we created the best customer support team. You can trust our customer support staff as they are all adept in aesthetics and cosmetics. We are on the line 24/7, so just feel free to send questions to us at your most convenient time.

These are some of the most important information about Kybella that you must know. Keep in mind that you can avail of the best Kybella treatment only in Dallas, Tx. So, contact the Love Your Face Dallas Spa now and let our professional staff bring back your youthful and firmer skin for good!

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